Keeping up with the Healthcare Industry

The only constant in the healthcare industry is change. There are constantly new scientific advancements, medical care updates, patient care techniques, and healthcare companies growing and evolving.  That’s why it’s critically important as a professional in this space to stay current with the latest news and developments. 

Healthcare as a whole is a fast-paced, innovative industry where new technology and disruptive products are constantly coming to market. Every time we talk to a candidate or client, we learn something new about a product, disease state, technology, etc. 

In order to try and keep up with the change, the KSG team is consistently reading articles and news briefings regarding the industry.  Being able to stay on top of the latest and greatest from this industry, is super important in our roles as we guide people through their careers in this field.   

There are numerous resources we use to keep up with the latest news, but here are a few of my personal favorites.  If you work in the healthcare space, or are interested in learning more about this expansive industry, subscribe to these news providers for the latest and greatest.

WSJ Health Care:

Deloitte Life Sciences & Health Care: 

Healthcare Dive: