The Partnership

Let us be your exclusive recruiting partner.

Why have multiple firms using average effort to do an ok job, when you can have one firm using maximum effort to knock your recruiting needs out of the park. That’s what you get when you partner with Kester Search Group.

Why Exclusive

Why have multiple firms using average effort to do a mediocre job at best, when you can have one firm utilizing maximum depth, dedication, and determination to knock your recruiting needs out of the park. Give us 30 days under an exclusive arrangement and discover the difference!

The Terms

For C-Suite, GM, President, and Sr. VP level engagements we offer a competitively priced retained search option. For mid-level sales & marketing leadership roles + salesforce expansions, we offer one of the best available options on the market that blends retained search level service in a contingency low risk engagement. A small up-front deposit is due to get the ball rolling so that we can allocate appropriate and adequate resources to ensure we deliver on your project. The balance is only due if we deliver.

Our Promise

For clients that are willing to give Kester Search Group a 30 day exclusive with a small up-front deposit, we guarantee to pour our resources into your strategically important recruiting project bringing depth, determination, and dedication to each and every engaged search. We are strong believers in a continuous improvement mindset combined with a relentless work ethic.

Give Us 30 Days
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