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Selling Remotely

With the vast majority of all salespeople now working from home, many are struggling to transition from in-person to remote selling. We’ve compiled a list of best practices to help you succeed in these uncertain times. 

Have the right mindset

  • Selling remotely isn’t necessarily better or worse than in-person selling, it’s just different
  • Put things into perspective. 
    • Everyone is experiencing different stressors during uncertain times, but remember that this too shall pass!
  • Find the silver lining.
    • There’s no travel time, coordination is easier, you can record calls, and even share your screen to share information quickly.
  • Focus on serving, not selling.

Create your selling environment

  • Utilize technology like Zoom and have everything you need for success in 1 central location, free from distractions.
  • “Go to work” 
    • Create a schedule just like you were in the office or going out on sales calls. 
  • Dress the part and eliminate personal obligations during office hours. 
  • Avoid technical difficulties on video sales calls by testing your camera ahead of time. 
    • Be sure to have an appealing background with adequate lighting (try sitting in front of a window).

Prepare for the sales call

  • Don’t forget to pre-call plan and ask yourself “what could my prospect be experiencing right now?”
  • Brainstorm potential challenges that your product or service could solve.
  • Send an agenda ahead of time so the prospect can prepare.

On the sales call

  • Watch your tone. Now more than ever, how you say something is more important than what you say.
    • Your communication is 17% of your words and 83% of your tone.
  • In addition to your normal business questions, ask questions about the prospect personally.
    •  How has the current situation impacted you, your company, your city and/or industry?
  • Create value now with both clients and prospects. 
    • Ask yourself what problems will arise that we, as true partners, can help them realize, address, plan for and avoid because of our insight?

After the call

  • Send a strong follow-up to your conversation
  • Outline what the next steps look like and put that on the calendar
  • Continue adding value in creative touches (relevant articles, podcasts, etc.)

Want more?

Check out an additional article here that outlines 4 immediate steps to take when selling in a COVID-19 world.


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