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Improving the Onboarding Process

We all know onboarding new team members is important but just how important is it? Statistics that were compiled by Click Boarding (an onboarding software company) shows the value of...

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Your Effort Still Matters in Today’s Job Market

We are all navigating a very interesting job market right now, from candidates to hiring manager. People throw the term around “candidate’s market” and that may be the case. Inflation...

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What We’re Listening to: The Goal Digger Podcast

A great top female-led business podcast is the Gold Digger Podcast with hostess Jenna Kutcher. Jenna’s purpose is to help entrepreneurs find the answers to some of their most difficult...

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What We’re Reading: The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business

This book was written for those who cannot or don’t intend to go to business school but want to know the fundamentals. It outlines the principles of business for people...

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