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The Value of Building Customer Loyalty

When the economy is down, businesses are more likely to compete on price. But there’s something else that’s even more important than price in uncertain times: customer service. When customers...

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Optimal Number of Job Interviews and the Cost of Not Getting it Right

There’s a perplexing trend currently playing out in corporate America.  With the national unemployment rate hovering around 3.5%, and for those with a college degree as low as 2%, companies...

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What We’re Listening To: Recruitment on the Go

This podcast by Indeed, covers various aspects of recruiting and talent acquisition, providing insights and tips for recruiters and hiring managers. Check it out here>.

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What We’re Reading: Who: The A Method for Hiring

This insightful book by Geoff Smart and Randy Street, provides a practical and systematic approach to hiring the right people for your organization. Check it out here>.

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