3 Reasons You Should Be Personalizing Your Recruiting Process

Recruiters are bombarded with incoming messages each day. When we reach out to active or passive talent, they’re competing for attention over all the other noise. Therefore, it’s important to foster meaningful interactions with in-demand candidates. A relevant, individualized approach is more powerful because it takes into account unique backgrounds, interests, and needs!

Why is a Personalized Recruiting Process Important?

If it appears that a bot was set up to send out mass emails, candidates could be dismissive of your material for how you didn’t show effort in gaining his or her attention. Adding a personal touch and doing the research shows that you are putting the effort in to earn their attention and in the long run would continue striving to provide top services. You’ll see a better response rate when it looks like you value the time of your candidates.



There needs to be a certain level of trust throughout a recruiting process. You want to do the research on the front end to illustrate you’d continue to go above and beyond the entirety of the process should they choose to work with you. Paying attention to these candidates as individuals also lend itself to long-term relationships with quality candidates. The ability to keep in touch and network with these contacts later can be invaluable and worth the up-front effort. Also, candidates coming away with higher opinions of working with you inadvertently become ambassadors for your brand.


Long-Term Benefits

Paying closer attention to a candidate’s wants/needs/backgrounds and centering recruiting strategy based on those things is a great way to ensure a better potential long-term match. They will be more likely to stay in this new role longer because you took into consideration how best to meet their needs as well as making a placement for your company. Even if you don’t “catch” a great candidate the first time you work together using a personalized process, this kind of care guarantees that top talent will consider your firm again later in their career and could even refer their peers to you.