Finding the right candidate quickly is imperative, but sourcing, interviewing and recruiting top talent is hard! Many hiring managers don’t have the internal resources to find top-notch candidates and can end up hiring the wrong person. In other instances, hiring managers don’t have time to sort through candidates and aren’t able to move forward with interviews, so the position remains vacant for an extended period of time. Either of these scenarios can be very expensive when you add up resources and opportunity costs.

Here are our top 4 reasons.

Save Time & Money

Vetting potential candidates, reviewing resumes and scheduling interviews is extremely time-consuming. By hiring a recruiting partner, you are able to focus on revenue-generating activities and driving productivity rather than sifting through hundreds of resumes. Vacant positions may cost your company in monetary terms, such as not hitting quotas, as well as additional areas like increased stress on current employees who have taken on increased workloads or territories. 

Experts in Finding Candidates

Kester Search Group has an extensive network of A+ caliber applicants throughout the U.S. and ‘best in class’ searching capabilities to find and attract top talent that would not be found through typical job postings. Using your specific hiring profile, we are able to search for candidates with skills and experiences that translate directly to your job opening. Job postings are good for finding active candidates, but the right candidate might not be actively looking. More passive candidates are more difficult to find but most are open to new opportunities if skillfully approached. By tapping into our database and constantly learning new tools and search techniques, we can find more qualified, passive candidates faster. 

Experts in Qualifying Candidates

Kester Search Group has a proprietary qualification process, consisting of multiple interviews to determine if a candidate is right for your job opening. Our years of experience help us to identify red flags and find out what is motivating a candidate to make a move. Only the top candidates who make it through our qualification process will be sent to you, protecting your valuable time and energy. 

Laser-Focused Partner Within the Industry & Marketplace

Being that we are laser-focused with the medical industry, we have a deep knowledge of healthcare and technology including industry trends, current market salaries, desirable skills, relevant products and call points, available talent, career expectations, and current hiring complexities. KSG is able to provide consultative advice based on years of successful recruiting for sales & marketing leadership roles in these industries.

Interested in a recruiting partner?

Talent is your most significant investment. Transformative results are impossible without transformative talent. Click this link to speak with one of our team members to see how Kester Search Group can deliver the talent to make your goals a reality.