A New Focus on Digital + Virtual Marketing and Sales

In the last few years, our team at Kester Search Group® has seen a shift from prioritizing in-person interviews and customer meetings to the vast majority of these now being scheduled virtually.  We have noticed that companies are taking applicants through an entire interview process, without ever meeting a candidate face to face. 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, face-to-face interactions in sales environments have also experienced a significant decline from pre-pandemic levels. The shift towards remote work and social distancing preferences has necessitated a reevaluation of traditional sales tactics.

Companies are increasingly relying on alternative and digital methods to engage customers without having to travel to visit them face to face.  Digital marketing, zoom meetings, and larger engagement opportunities such as conferences and tradeshows have become the go-to for generating new business and engaging with clients.  Pre-pandemic, it was absolutely the norm for outside sales professionals to visit customers or potential customers in their office in person, but since COVID, there has been a strong move towards more remote meetings via zoom, google meet, teams, phone calls, etc.  The days of routine, face to face cold calling seem to be rapidly declining.

With this shift, companies are recognizing the value of investing in marketing professionals who can adeptly navigate the digital sphere to tee up sales leads as well as engage both customers and prospects. These marketing professionals play a pivotal role in leveraging online platforms to cultivate brand visibility, engage with target audiences, and ultimately drive conversions. As the boundaries between marketing and sales blur in this digital age, the demand for individuals who possess a blend of marketing acumen and sales expertise is on the rise.

LinkedIn recently posted their top marketing roles that companies are hiring for in 2024, and this list perfectly illustrates the demand for sales focused marketing talent.

Performance/Growth Marketing Managers: These individuals are responsible for creating strategies to acquire new customers and retain existing customers. If you’re a performance-based marketer, you are creating paid advertising campaigns that perform, meaning they have measurable results, like clicks or sales.

PR and Communications Specialists: These professionals serve as the bridge between organizations and their target audiences, utilizing strategic communication to build and maintain a positive public image. Day-to-day, they craft compelling narratives, engage with the media, manage crisis communications, and develop comprehensive PR campaigns.

Social Media and Marketing Content Creators: If a company has a leaner hiring budget, they may opt to hire a broadly skilled content creator over more specialized copywriters, designers, and producers. This person will be responsible for creating high-quality content to successfully reach and engage a company’s target audience.

Other Positions to Note: Digital Marketing Directors, Product Managers, Ecommerce Specialists, SEO Manager, and Social Media Manager.

However, while digital tools offer unprecedented convenience and accessibility, they also present challenges in replicating the intimacy and rapport-building that often accompany face-to-face interactions.

As companies adapt to the new normal, finding innovative ways to foster authentic connections in a remote setting will be crucial for sustained success.

Whether through personalized virtual experiences, interactive presentations, or creative storytelling, businesses must prioritize strategies that resonate with customers on a human level, even in a predominantly digital environment. Ultimately, while the landscape of sales may continue to evolve, the fundamental principles of relationship-building and customer-centricity remain paramount.

Here at KSG, we have seen a steady uptick on client requests to conduct searches for job titles such as “Director of Marketing,” “Strategic Marketing,” “Digital Marketing,” and more.

If our team can be of assistance as you invest in your hiring/marketing plans, or if you are a marketing professional looking to make a change, please reach out.

Lee Kester is the CEO and founder of Kester Search Group LLC a consultative talent acquisition firm that specializes in executive search and commercial expansion projects for diagnostic, dental, medical device, oncology, and healthcare technology companies throughout the United States.  Lee can be contacted via email at lee@kestersearch.com.