Don’t Finish Second in the Race for Your Next Job

In the competitive world of medical sales, finishing second means you didn’t get the job. At Kester Search Group®, we understand that there’s no consolation prize in the job market—you’re either hired, or you’re not. To distance yourself from the competition and secure that next role, here are some proven strategies we know will ensure you cross the finish line first.

1. Leverage LinkedIn to Build Connections
The first step to distinguishing yourself is understanding the company and the role inside and out. Utilize LinkedIn to connect with current representatives in the position you’re eyeing. They’ll accept your connection request because reps like helping other reps. Ask insightful questions about their daily responsibilities, the company culture, and the challenges they face. This not only gives you invaluable insights but also shows your initiative and genuine interest in the role. Moreover, these connections can provide you with insider tips and possibly even put in a good word for you.

2. Talk to Doctors’ Offices
Visit doctors’ offices that currently use the product or could be potential clients. Ask them about their experiences and gather firsthand feedback. This will arm you with real-world insights that you can bring up during interviews, demonstrating that you’ve already started thinking like a salesperson for the company. Basically, do a cold call, hiring managers love this.  

3. Create a 30-60-90 Day Business Plan
Armed with the information you’ve collected from the above steps, make yourself stand out by preparing a 30-60-90 day business plan BEFORE YOU’RE EVEN ASKED FOR ONE. This proactive step shows that you’re a strategic thinker who is ready to hit the ground running.

4. Showcase Your Success Stories
Hiring managers are going to ask you to give them sales examples.  Winning candidates flesh out and fully prepare their responses to these questions, offering quantitative numbers and a clear strategy that they can repeat. Second place candidates operate in vague generalizations that boil down to, “The customer liked me.”  

5. Don’t Skip the Small Steps
Finally, we see a lot of people do all of the above, only to stumble over a minor detail that causes them to falter. Here are some examples: Get a “thank you” email out the same day! Be 15 minutes early for everything (we’ve seen more than one person miss a video interview because of technology challenges). Confirm appropriate attire with your main contact. Always have great, strategic questions prepared for the interviewer. And always be sure to close the interviewer at the end of the interview, even if it went great and they’re implying that you’re moving forward.

In the high-stakes world of medical sales, second place is not an option. By leveraging LinkedIn, understanding the product and market, preparing a detailed business plan, showcasing your success stories, and following up professionally, you can ensure you’re not just a contender but the clear winner in the race for your next job. At Kester Search Group®, we go the extra mile, and we’re here to help you cross the finish line first.