What We’re Reading: “Year of Yes” | Shonda Rhimes

You may know her ABC hit shows like Grey’s AnatomyScandal, and How to Get Away With Murder. All of her award-winning shows have led Shonda Rhimes to great success. Each of her female lead characters lives daringly and confidently. Shonda Rhimes’ brilliance has led her to great success. But she wasn’t always the daring type like her characters.

Rhimes’ was afraid, anxiety-ridden. Until her sister helped her come to the realization that she never said “yes” to anything. So she took it upon herself to undergo a “Year of Yes”, in which she says “yes” to everything that scared her for one year. Ride along with me as I explore the best-seller and experience my own Year of Yes.  Let’s see what happens.

Buy it here, along with the journal where you can chronicle your own “Year of Yes”.